To the
video game community

MARCH 17 th, 2022

Babka was originally envisioned and developed by Xsolla to ease and elevate the customer support experience for video games.

Having already provided support to hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world to manage their purchases, we feel like in the current situation, Babka can do more.

Moving forward, Babka is focusing on raising awareness to programs providing assistance to those in need.

In the coming weeks and months, Babka is going to harness the power of the gaming community to provide new charitable programs.

Through the first program, Xsolla donated $100,000 to the International Red Cross, who is delivering humanitarian aid for the civilian population of Ukraine.

See below to learn more about how to join the Babka Charity Program and support the gaming community together with your favorite games.

Babka stands with the video game community in the hope for peace.

Thank you,
Babka Team

$100K donation by Xsolla to the International Red Cross

The global gaming community is one of the most cohesive and connected groups of diverse individuals. Together we can do some good and help a lot of people.

You can help support the community today along with our game partners. When you purchase a game from the Babka Charity Program, you are helping to make a contribution to an organization delivering help and humanitarian support to the civilian population in Ukraine.

Babka is welcoming partnerships from all game developers, publishers and media partners.

To participate in the Babka Charity Program please fill in the form below and a member of our team will get in touch with you shortly.

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